International name  Magnesium stearate
Segment:  Excipients
Markets and Applications:  Pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements
Content:  Magnesium stearate
Description:  Magnesium stearate is a chemical compound, a salt of magnesium and stearic acid with the formula Mg (C17H35COO) 2, colorless ( white) crystals, insoluble in water.
Functions:  It is an inactive ingredient that binds the active ingredient in tablets or capsules. The FDA classifies magnesium stearate as a glidant or granulating agent.
Magnesium stearate is commonly used in drug formulation to prevent different molecules from sticking together, thus ensuring that the correct dosage is achieved during manufacture.
It is added to additives to increase production speed in capsule filling machines.
Magnesium stearate helps to prolong the shelf life of pharmaceuticals and masks the taste and odor of the active ingredients.
Manufacturer:  > Microcell Accent
Standard:  USP / NF, Ph.Eur., BP