International Name  Lactose Pharmaceutical 200/70
Сегмент:  Excipients
Markets and applications:  Pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, food products
Состав:  Lactose monohydrate Ph.Eur. 99.8%
Description:  Pharmaceutical Lactose (C12H22O11), milk sugar, is a disaccharide found in mammalian milk and is its main carbon. Chemically, lactose consists of the simple sugars D-galactose and D-glucose.
Functions:  High-purity pharmaceutical grade lactose is specially formulated to meet the standards of identity and purity established in the lactose monographs of various pharmacopoeias. Lactose is widely used as a filler in tablets and capsules, to a lesser extent in lyophilized foods, baby food, and as a diluent in dry powders for inhalation. Common properties of lactose that contribute to its popularity as an excipient are its: cost-effectiveness; availability; weak taste; low hygroscopicity; compatibility with active ingredients and other fillers; excellent physical and chemical stability; as well as solubility in water.
Manufacturer: Alpavit Kaiser Champignon Hofmeister GmbH
Standard:  Ph.Eur., Kosher, Halal, FSSC 22000