WPC 80% Bempresa (Poland) – whey protein concentrate, has a high protein content – more than 80%, affordable price and high quality.

WPC 80% Bempresa is a powder with excellent solubility and extremely low foaming. Perfect functionality will allow the end user to reduce the number of other additives to improve solubility or reduce foaming.

We offer small and large wholesale from a warehouse in  Kyiv region.

Protein is the main building block of muscle cells, an essential macronutrient in basic chemical reactions. For example, a DNA molecule is built from a protein, more precisely from a sequence of amino acids arranged in a specific order. Proteins are involved in metabolic reactions, perform a structural function, and participate in the formation of a cell skeleton (cytoskeleton). In sports, the use of protein is of a multidirectional nature, it is also a reduction in adipose tissue, assistance in gaining muscle mass, maintaining a healthy physical shape, and strengthening immunity.
Bempresa Whey Protein Concentrate 80 is considered one of the best proteins in many respects: speed of absorption, balanced amino acid composition, low carbohydrate content.

WPC 80% Bempresa Benefits
– being whey protein, it has the maximum anabolic effect, that is, it promotes muscle growth better than other types of protein;
– high protein content – at least 80% (WPC 80);
– begins to supply the body with amino acids 30-40 minutes after ingestion;
– in terms of amino acid composition, it is closest to human muscle tissue, contains alpha-lactoglobulin and lactoferrin;
– does not contain any sweeteners, colors or flavors.