Only clinically researched collagen produced in France.

For dietary supplements, cosmetics, diet food.

100% Natural marine product from a global manufacturer

■ 2 types: Powder (1000Da) and micro granules (4000 Da)

■ 93 to 95% pure collagen

■ High level of oligo-peptides
■ High levels of essential amino acids
■ Normal taste and smell
■ Excellent solubility in cold water
■ Halal certificate Marine collagen is a raw material for wide use in the food and cosmetic industry and dietary supplements for the prevention of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. It is a mixture of natural peptides with different molecular weights, including dipeptides and tripeptides. Collagen has a positive effect on our health and beauty.

Collagen makes up about 25% of the body’s structure and is involved in the vital functions of almost all systems, organs and tissues. The main benefits to be derived from the use of collagen are:

Regeneration and prevention of bone and skeletal system, and muscular system (joint tissues, collagen is the main component of tendons), Regeneration of skin, hair and nails (Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue in the human body, it is responsible for skin elasticity. Loss of collagen causes wrinkles) .Body water regulation, weight management (good bioavailability)

1. Dosage in the remainder of cosmetics: from 0.2 to 2%

2. Dosage for use as a dietary supplement: 5 g per day
4. Frequency of use: Daily or twice a day for 2-4 months
3. Solubility: soluble in water, stir at room temperature.

Examples of application as dietary supplements:

Example 1: Cosmetic supplements (tablets, capsules) for wrinkles and anti-aging effects • Marine collagen: 1000 mg • Vitamin C: 100 mg • Vitamin A (retinol): 50 mg • Grape seed extract: 50 mg
Example 2: Cosmetic additives (sticks) for instant drinks • Marine collagen: 800 mg • Acerola extract (Vit C): 100 mg • CoQ10: 10 mg • Marine chondroitin sulfate: 100 mg

Example 3: Cosmetics gel for wrinkle effect • 95% purity marine collagen: 2% • Other ingredients: Carpobol, glycerin, Perfumes, sodium sulfate, ethanolamin, preservatives
Example 4: Cosmetic anti-wrinkle cream and moisturizing • 95% pure marine collagen: 2% Other ingredients: vitamin E, soybean and advocate oil, glycerin, perfume, sodium sulfate, preservatives.