Dry Milk Protein Concentrate MPC85

LACTOPRIMA PRO MPC85 Milk Protein Concentrate is a total milk protein powder processed by ultrafiltration and spray drying.
Supplied in 20kg bags

Milk protein concentrates are skim milk concentrates with 85% protein (casein and whey proteins)

Lactoprima milk protein is an excellent source of biologically active proteins, fast (whey) and slow-digesting (micellar casein) dietary proteins. The undoubted advantage of milk protein is its high concentrated protein content with an outstanding amino acid profile that surpasses casein and caseinates and is almost equal to whey proteins.

Another benefit of milk protein is a measure of the mineral content of milk with high bioavailability. Most of the calcium and phosphorus in milk chelates with the casein micelle, making these important skeletal minerals more bioavailable. Zinc and magnesium help stimulate metabolic growth. The combination of high quality fast and slow digesting proteins and highly bioavailable milk minerals makes milk proteins an ideal food for hard training athletes.

The best single indicator of how well an athlete will recover from training or competition is their protein status. If protein levels are inadequate, the body will recover more slowly from exercise and performance will be reduced. It is very difficult for the hard-working athlete to consume enough protein on a non-supplemented diet. Protein supplementation is critical to maintaining adequate amino acid levels for muscle repair and growth.

Micellar casein is a slow-digesting protein that has been shown to release amino acids into the bloodstream for many hours after consumption, increasing plasma amino acid levels over an extended period. Increased plasma amino acid levels prolong the period of protein synthesis in the body, helping to accelerate muscle tissue repair. Micellar casein is also the only protein that has been scientifically proven to inhibit the breakdown of metabolic protein, a type of muscle tissue breakdown that occurs during exercise. Numerous studies have shown that micellar casein provides better overall protein storage, better amino acid retention and better amino acid utilization compared to whey proteins.

On the other hand, whey proteins have been shown to be digested and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, strongly stimulating protein synthesis and delivering amino acids for muscle tissue repair. These proteins also stimulate metabolic protein synthesis. However, research has shown that amino acids from whey protein consumption are rapidly depleted, leaving the body deficient in essential amino acids needed for catalytic muscle recovery after exercise. Thus, a combination of whey protein (to stimulate protein synthesis) and micellar casein (to promote long-term muscle recovery) is the best protein blend for athletes. Dairy proteins contain both native whey protein and casein protein in micellar form, providing optimal metabolic benefits in a single ingredient.